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maturalny pierdolec#2

One of a kind they say they've never seen before
Investigate the aberration, disorder in the core

I never tried to hide away or tried to keep your pace
You walk me to the slaughter with a smile upon your face

From the cradle to the madhouse, a twisted mind
There's no way out of this hell for twisted mind
There's no way out
There's no way out


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21st październik 2013 | 09:33:15 PM [komentarzy 1] shout

maturalny pierdolec

Waiting for the one
The day that never comes
When you stand up and feel the warmth
But the sunshine never comes, no
No, the sunshine never comes
Push you cross that line
Just stay down this time
Hiding yourself, crawling yourself
You'll have your time

(Metallica - The day that never comes)


Może za rok...

Może za rok wreszcie się uda. Wyjechać w

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14th październik 2013 | 09:43:16 PM [komentarzy 2] shout

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